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Born in NYC

Daniel Murray's love of art began in childhood. His father was a commercial artist and paints and clay were always available. As a young man, he received a Congressional appointment to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and so traveled throughout the world. During this period, Daniel began studying art history in Italy. He then attended the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts, graduating in 1976 with a degree in Painting and Sculpture. As a young artist, he focused more on painting during the period from 1980-1990, when he lived and exhibited in New York City, and attended the School of Visual Arts. Daniel moved to Kent, CT in 1991. At his first exhibition there, he met esteemed master sculptor, Paul Suttman. Paul became a valued friend and mentor, inviting Daniel to study classical investment bronze technique with him. These experiences set the groundwork for the techniques Daniel employs in the majority of his sculpting work today. His cast bronze sculptures are done in small limited editions.

Daniel and his wife, actress and model Alina Hernandez ( La Cubana Clasica), and a growing household of pets (above), live deep in the Connecticut woods. Most often he sculpts animal forms.  Hawks and mountain lions, for example,  have evolved to become top predators in their worlds and possess remarkable grace and strength with wonderful form and movement.  His dogs inspire him, they are a connection to nature that grounds him and gives him an insight and appreciation of life.

The works shown here have been done over the last several years. Daniel has created these bronzes using the lost wax casting method. In this studio he sculpts first in clay or plaster, then creates a mold. From the mold he makes a wax reproduction of the original. A wax that is identical to the original model except that it is hollow and has a specific thickness.

His foundry is then given the wax sculpture. There the wax undergoes many steps. It is cut up and sprues or gates are attached. Using ceramic shell molds and the lost wax method, molten bronze is then pored and allowed to cool. The sprues and gates are removed and the raw casting is then returned to the artist.

Daniel then finishes the piece with welding, grinding, sanding, sandblasting, and polishing. Lastly he applies a patina and a protective coating of wax or lacquer. Some pieces are then mounted in specific outdoor sites. From start to finish pieces may take as long as four to twelve months to complete.  They are signed DFM or D F Murray.

in the stuidio

"La Cubana Clasica", cast bronze, welded steel

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